The COMPOST is produced by controlled composting of recycled plant clippings and other plant-origin products of Cyprus farming and gardening.

Plant origin ONLY.

No chemicals added.

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My Green Cycle line

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Potting Soil Supreme
product Potting Soil Supreme is a multi-purpose potting soil suitable for all indoor and outdoor plants, nursery plants and lawns, enriched with the necessary amount of nutrients. It contains Compost, a product of My Green Cycle line, the new high quality organic fertilizer produced by composting of recycled garden clippings and other plant origin materials.

Potting Soil Supreme also contains the organo-biological fertilizer BIOPREM

to enrich soil with beneficial bacteria and microorganisms.

Plants of any species, with low or high vegetation that are planted in pots of various sizes and shapes benefit considerably when transplanted in Potting Soil Supreme. Its composition is designed to ensure optimum moisture and at the same time proper drainage.

It contains substances that promote the fast growth and deep stablichment of the plants root system. Enriched with nitrogen phosphorus and potassium, as weel as a complete spectrum of micronutrients, Potting Soil Supreme provides a balanced nutrition to young plants, thus ensuring ideal and healthy growth. These features facilitate, to a large extent, their successful transplanting and growth.

Transplanting is best to be done during cool conditions in order to minimize the shock that the plants endure.